beginning construction

Our new home! 2415 West Superior Street, Suite B (“B” is for beer!). We are leasing 4280 square feet on the western side of the building and will have a 1500 square foot patio attached.

After some serious digging we have found some interesting facts about the building! It was built just over 100 years ago and has had a variety of purposes over the decades. The full history is still a mystery and there are gaps, but we have managed to gather the general picture! The longest, and believed original use, was as a Hol-Ry Cracker factory. We believe it was in use as a Hol-Ry Cracker factory from the early 1910’s through the late 1980’s. Since the 1980’s the building has gone through many miscellaneous uses, most recently as Horseshoe Billiards. If you have any tips or insights into the history of our new home building love to know more about it! Shoot us an email at!

Now for our progress on the buildout of our new home… 

We are off to the races!  The demolition phase of our project has begun, and we are BUSY!   Our brewing equipment is ordered, and we are hoping to be able to open our doors by mid-summer! 

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