About us

Ursa Minor Brewing was the dream of two brothers, Ben and Mark Hugus. Their vision has grown and after four years, thousands of hours of work, and a lot of support from friends and family, it has become a reality!

We chose the name “Ursa Minor” because of the role craft beer has played in our lives. It is derived from the constellation Ursa Minor, or the Little Dipper, which contains the North Star.

Throughout history, people across the world have used the North Star as a guiding light, or an anchor point, in the night sky to navigate their way across our wondrous world. Craft beer is our guiding light and has brought us into the amazing craft beer community.

Ursa Minor Brewing is a small 5 BBL brewery built to serve our taproom with a large selection of rotating styles of beer. We appreciate all styles of beer, and that every style of beer has unique qualities to be desired. Our taproom is also supplemented by a wood fired oven which features a selection of artisan Napolitano style pizzas made from the highest quality ingredients.

What are we?

“Comfort Beer”

We built a brewery that is all about people. It is an experience. We want people to come to our taproom and feel at home and be welcomed. Our handcrafted beers and pizzas are designed to bring people together and the taproom is designed to be a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy friends, familiar faces, and make meaningful connections.

Who are we?



Ben is one of three co-founders and the CEO. You can find him starting fires on the patio, or putting out fires inside the taproom!



Mark is one of three co founders and the Head of Brewing Operations. If you come into the taproom you might see the gorilla in his cage(as we call him) while he’s brewing beer. Just don’t tap on the beer glass…



Andrew is one of three co-founders and the General Manager. He also doesn’t know his own strength as he super tightens the coupler on kegs making it almost impossible for us to change empty ones.



John is our Social Media Manager, Music Director, Kitchen Manager, and… the Assistant to the Regional Manager… You’ll probably see him in the taproom with a camera around his neck or throwing pizza dough in the kitchen.



Ashley is our Taproom Manager. We compare her to our Big Bad John beer… She’s subtle, easily relatable, and approachable, but can suddenly give you a kick in the butt! It’s also her favorite beer.



Trisha has a dry sense of humor and loves dad jokes, so let her hear them all when she’s behind the bar!



Toni also has a creative side. When she’s not working she might be in the taproom on her laptop designing things like our crowler label. She’s passionate about all things Disney as well.



Katie brightens our day by singing and whistling loud and clear while prepping most of our food in the kitchen.



Jenny’s a pizza perfectionist & always has a smile on her face.



Zach took this photo opportunity to show off his muscles while gathering wood for the pizza oven.



Sarah occasionally runs half marathons before working her shift later at night. No big deal.



Bridgette always has a story to tell so if she’s got time behind the bar you might hear something good.

Where are we?

2415 W Superior St Duluth, MN 55806

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