About Us

Ursa Minor Brewing will be a small 5bbl brewery built to serve our taproom with a large selection of rotating styles of beer. We appreciate all styles of beer, and we appreciate that every style of beer has unique qualities to be desired. Our taproom will also be supplemented by a wood fired oven which will supply a selection of artisan Napolitano style pizzas made from the highest quality ingredients.

Ursa Minor Brewing was the dream of two brothers, Ben and Mark Hugus. Their vision has grown and developed and, after four years, thousands of hours of work, a lot of support from friends and family, it is becoming a reality.

We chose the name “Ursa Minor” because of the role craft beer has played in our lives. It is derived from the constellation, Ursa Minor or the Little Dipper, which contains the North Star.

Throughout history, people across the world have used the North Star as a guiding light, or an anchor point, in the night sky to navigate their way across our wondrous and mysterious world. Craft beer is our guiding light and has brought us into the amazing craft beer community.

What are we?

“Comfort Beer”

We are building a brewery that is all about people. It will be an experience. We want people to come to our taproom and feel at home and welcomed. Our small batch, handcrafted beer will only serve as the medium to new connections. We love people, people love beer, and beer loves us! Our handcrafted beers and pizzas are designed to bring people together and our taproom is designed to be a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy friends, familiar faces, and make meaningful connections.

Who are we?

Ben Hugus

Ben Hugus is a co-founder and our Chief of Operations. He is the organization behind the scenes that keeps everything running smoothly. Ben provides direction and is the persistent force behind the creation of the company.

Andrew Scrignoli

Andrew Scrignoli is our general manager and is the grounding force on the team. He is our hardworking go-getter who always seems to have a smile on his face! Andrew’s human qualities balance out our team and the care he takes with everything he does makes him a valuable addition to our operation.

Mark Hugus

Mark Hugus is another co-founder of the company and is the Head of Brewing Operations. Mark is our center for creativity and is passionate about the beer he creates. His brewing knowledge is expansive, and he brings a wealth of experience to the team having worked in many other craft breweries.

We will be adding more faces to the Ursa Minor Brewing family as we proceed forward so stay tuned!

Where are we?

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